• Product will be delivered digitally.
  • Seller will not be responsible for loss of product once it has been delivered.
  • Customer has right to three complete revisions in the sketching phase.
  • Customer has right to reasonable amounts of minor edits after completion (I.E eyecolor change).
  • Paid through listed options ( not yet available )
  • Full payment will be paid through two installments. Half paid up front, and last half be paid after customer receives the commission to to their liking. 
  • Customer can ask for a refund on orders with no progress for a 4 months with no communication from me.
  • Customer is required to contact the seller in a fast and responsive manner.
  • Products cannot be used for commercial use without additional fees and approved beforehand by me. This will require a separate agreement between Customer and myself defining exact conditions and financial implications of such use of the Product. 
  • Seller can cancel and refund any order at any time.
  • If the customer buys a character, adopt or another other design from myself the customer has the full right to sell, or trade for the same or less of the original price
    • Designs may be resold/traded for non-commercial and non-mass purposes.
    • Gifted designs do not follow the above two terms, instead communicate to me if said design is a gift for someone other than the customer. 
  • Customer does not hold the right to claim to be the artist or myself. 
  • Customer does not hold the right to use the product in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.
  • Customer does not hold the right to use the product in any AI-related technology, including submitting for datasets, and any future inventions in the space.

By commissioning me or purchasing any art or items, you agree to these Terms of Service! TOS is subject to change.


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