Mecha BigFoot Returns

In a cyber-filled world, Bigfoot felt abandoned by human society. Thinking without consequence, BigFoot turned himself into a robotic version of himself not realizing that the humans he once sought the attention of would capture and contain him. Follow the journey of BigFoot rebuilding himself and escaping after the human containment facility was abandoned.

Mecha BigFoot Returns, is a Unity based game made for my Game Dev 1 class. I worked along side three other students to create this game.

I created all the 3D models, 3D animations, and textures, except the desk computer. Below is one untextured renderings of the animations and some concept art. At the bottom is a selection of the in game models.

Fool’s Errand

You are a clown, and clowns hate the mafia, shoot, slash, and fool your way around a 48 hour game jam game. I created several 2D animations for the enemies, tilemap sprites, the opening image, UI sprite assets, and the game’s icon.

My Home

In My Home, you are an alien colonist who decided that this little blue planet was the prefect place to settle. Regardless of what the local human population has to say about it.

My Home, is an Unreal 5 based game made for my Game Dev 1 class. I was the lead artist and created all the 3D models, animations, and textures except the grass and the ground texture. I also made the concept art and a Post-processing script to create the cell shaded look the game has.

Below are a sample of the in game animations and models from Blender, including models and features that were not implemented into the game.

Intro to Game programing Game

This game was an assignment in my Intro to Game Programing Class where we were tasked with creating four 2D levels in unity.

The XenoBotanist

In the future a botanist with a newly purchased spaceship travels to new planets to find plants for her amazing space garden! 

In this game, I created the 2D character animations, designs, and some of the tilt panels design.